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The power of the employee directory for this creative agency

Discover how RAPP UK uses Names & Faces to build meaningful and high-value relationships between brands and people.


Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services

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HQ staff (in-office and remote teams)


Based in the UK. HQ staff across 2 offices in London

About RAPP

RAPP UK is a creative agency that builds direct, meaningful and high-value relationships between brands and people, and is part of Omnicom’s DAS Group of Companies. As a brand, RAPP stands up for individuality and promotes a fearless, people-first culture both internally and in the unique relationships they build with their clients.

What’s changing

As an agency RAPP’s people-first culture and focus on individuality are important to their leadership team as this drives everything from their client engagement to internal team dynamics. As such, the leaders at RAPP are always on the look-out for solutions that can help their teams live this culture in their workday experiences.

What’s Needed

RAPP is one in a group of companies that make-up the Omnicom DAS Group. Another company within the group has been using Names & Faces to much success and the Executive Chairman, Chris Freeland, at RAPP immediately saw an opportunity to enable their teams to have a better line of sight into who’s who across locations, teams, and departments - while also enabling more context around specific individual expertise or previous client-related experience.

How Names & Faces is helping

Names & Faces has played a fairly significant role in RAPP since implementation. In a merger with another Omnicom entity, Proximity, both companies were able to merge their instances of Names & Faces allowing for people in either organization to gain context on who their new team members are. This same benefit has been extended as Names & Faces has helped new joiners during the COVID-19 pandemic, where on day one these new faces have access to the entire company and are able to interact with more confidence, despite being remote. Another cohort of people that benefit from Names & Faces are parents (specifically mothers) who are returning from what can be a year of maternity leave in the U.K. - they can immediately get a sense of what has changed in their absence, allowing them to feel more comfortable as they rejoin their teams.

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Chris Freeland, Executive Chairman, RAPP UK