How eg+ London accounted for 99% of their staff within 25 minutes of the London Bridge incident



The HR team at eg+ needed a tool to help them communicate with everyone fast in case of emergencies.

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When the 2017 Borough Market incidents occurred in London near the eg+ office, their staff were impacted:

Although the incident happened over a weekend, when everyone came in to work on Monday there was a cordon in place and we had no way to quickly contact everyone to let them know what was going on - other than initiating our full business continuity plan (BCT) which was time consuming and meant heads of departments would be required to spend time on a phone cascade.
Anna Beynon, HR Manager

The HR team began looking for a solution to help them communicate with and account for all employees. If an incident occurred during the week, there were concerns around how quickly they would be able to contact everyone. Names & Faces offers a Check In tool – and decided to adopt it.

A faster way to account for employees during a crisis

After 25 minutes of the London bridge incident,, 99% of the 154 eg+ employees had been marked as safe. Ninety eight employees marked themselves as safe and the remainder were marked safe by Anna and Jennifer as they did a walk-through the office and then follow up with just the individuals they couldn’t see:

If there was anyone we couldn’t see or hadn’t marked themselves as safe, we knew that they were the people we needed to check up on. Having the app really shortened the list of people we had to contact and that was why the response rate was so quick.
Safety Check for Names & Faces: Response Time Graph
To have it there – it’s peace of mind for my team. We’ve got if we need it and we don’t have to stress about contacting people. Even if it’s something like water or electricity in the building being cut off – so not a disaster - we can use it as a one-communication tool to send everyone a text. It’s easy. We can just pick up our phones and send out an alert.