Sunrise Productions keeps their distributed team close-knit with an always up to date company directory



The leadership team at Sunrise were struggling to keep up with team changes. As the company scaled and introduced new offices and remote workers, their close-knit culture was threatened.

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Inclusion of everyone’s Strengths
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South Africa, Mauritius

Sunrise Productions is an animation studio with offices in Cape Town and Mauritius with a number of fully remote team members working from locations worldwide. As they grew, they wanted to preserve their close-knit culture by making sure that both new joiners and senior leadership were able to keep up with who was who, who had what skills and how best to get in touch across the team.

Trunki and Munki, one of Sunrise Productions creations

Leadership empowered to better position the team

Names & Faces allows for customizable descriptions which put power in the leadership team’s hands to tailor the directory to their specific culture, values and industry needs. Their favorite addition is the inclusion of a “Strengths” category in which employees are encouraged to reflect on the results of their strength finding initiative.

The Sunrise Productions team

Everyone can spark up a conversation

As a constantly growing and evolving studio in a dynamic industry, Sunrise was facing the challenge of trying to maintain a close-knit team. Founder, Phil Cunningham, wanted to keep everyone on the same wavelength in terms of the company culture as they scaled.

Names & Faces has been a valuable onboarding and team building tool. Everyone has a quick and easy guide to their colleagues to get familiar with, learn a new face or just spark a conversation.
Phil Cunningham, Founder at Sunrise Productions

The team access their directory on both web and mobile and find the interface simple, fast, and easy to navigate. Each team member can customize and update their profiles at any time and it’s proven to be a fun and easy way for new hires to integrate themselves into office life.

Stronger connection between departments

Everyone has the information they need to reach out to individuals in other departments, which Phil believes to have encouraged collaboration and strengthened connection across the company, allowing them to be a more effective team and create a unified culture in the workplace.