Check In

A fast, precise, live way to account for people in times of crisis

We built Check In to help companies establish their staff are safe in times of crisis. It is fast and precise and dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to account for your people. Because it runs independently of your central network, it’s available offsite and offline.

Nominated Check In Officers can broadcast a message within seconds via SMS and/or email. Responses appear real-time in a live dashboard, where Officers can track live progress and share activity reports.

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Nominated Safety Officers launch an alert, everybody receives a notification to mark themselves as safe (and nominated Assistants can mark others as safe, too)

A faster way to account for employees during a crisis

Following the Borough Market terror attacks in London, one of our clients asked for help with their Disaster Recovery process. Under the pressure of a live incident their cascade process for contacting staff was exposed as slow, complex, and lacking precision and accountability.

While designed for moments of crisis, Check In can be used to message large groups of people instantly with important information via SMS and/or email.

Using Check In towards the end of last year, eg+ London were able to account for 99% of their employees within 25 minutes of a serious incident taking place near their offices at London Bridge:

You always hope these things don’t happen again. But to be prepared this time took a lot of the stress of it from a work perspective.

We had quite a few employees in restaurants and bars closer to London Bridge. Having this tool meant we could reach out to all of our employees, no matter where they were or what they were doing at the time, to check they were safe. So it was absolutely invaluable.

– Anna Beynon, HR Manager at eg+ London

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