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Advertising & Design

AMV BBDO is the UK’s largest advertising agency. Creating strategic communications for blue chip brands like Mars, Pepsico, and BT requires frictionless collaboration between teams.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners was named by Forbes as one of the 10 most consequential agencies of the decade. Names & Faces works for them because it is simple and visual.

King James is a leading advertising agency in South Africa, with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Keeping everyone connected means ideas can come from everywhere.

Sunrise Productions, an animation studio based in Cape Town, has been able to keep their distributed team close-knit and in touch with an always up to date directory.


The Forward Institute works with cohorts of leaders from the UK’s biggest institutions across sectors to build a movement for responsible leadership. The success of their program depends on fellows, alumni, and staff being able to contact each other easily.

Retail & Restaurant Groups

Cape Union Mart is an outdoor clothing and gear retailer. Even though the family business grew rapidly, it's easy to look up who's who and learn and remember everyone's names.

Dishoom was recently announced as the 20th best company to work for in the UK. Their secret? A culture of unwavering authenticity––including the secret weapon of empowering their head office team at Babu house to learn everyone's names.


Embark Trucks is focused on self-driving trucks for highways – a narrow version of the bigger problem – and have trucks running every day between LA and Phoenix. They needed a tool to enable their fast-growing team – including Safety Drivers in Southern California and engineers at headquarters in San Francisco – to stay connected.

Novum Energy is a physical supply and trading company that has been privately trading oil and coal for almost 10 years. To enable them to move a wide array of products, the Novum team is spread out across four offices, multiple continents, and ten countries – including some fully remote staff who work from home.

Check In

Names & Faces has an add-on – also available as an entirely standalone service – that allows designated staff members to push a notification to staff over SMS, email, and/or in-app. Because receivers can respond instantly mark themselves as safe, the time it takes to account for everyone in a time of crisis is significantly reduced.

eg+ activated Check In from Names & Faces during an incident near their offices at London Bridge and were able to account for 99% of their staff within 25 minutes.

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