The simplest, most intuitive employee directory ever developed.

Customizable profiles

There is some basic information we recommend for all employee directories: Full name; Job Title; Mobile; Email; Department and Location. But the beauty of the customizability is that you can add whatever you like to profiles and build a directory as unique as your company. View the most popular fields for employee directories.

Reporting lines

Make it easy to see who reports to whom and keep track of managers and their teams. This neat feature creates a connection between managers and reports in your company and reflects them in your directory as 'reporting lines'.

Search and filter

Powerful filter and search functions help you pinpoint the person or skillset you need – even when you don’t know who or what you’re looking for. Search by name, skill or location and create and view useful groups like 'upcoming birthdays' and 'new joiners'.

Private notes

Add a private note to the profile of anyone in your company – for your eyes only. A great way to remember the little things but keep them to yourself.

Check In

Following the Borough Market terror attacks in London a client asked for help with their Disaster Recovery process – so we built Check In. In time of crisis, Check In allows a company to contact staff and for those contacted to mark themselves as. Simple, precise, live.

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