Safety Check

A simple, precise, live way to account for people in times of crisis.

Why Safety Check?

We built Safety Check to help companies establish their staff are safe in times of crisis.

Following the Borough Market terror attacks in London a client asked for help with their Disaster Recovery process. Under the pressure of a live incident their cascade process for contacting staff was exposed as slow, complex and lacking precision and accountability.

Nominated Safety Officers launch an alert, everybody receives a notification to mark themselves as safe (and nominated Assistants can mark others as safe, too)

How it works

Nominated individuals within a company to contact and communicate with all staff – or a bespoke selection of staff – across multiple channels (email, SMS, in app). Those contacted mark themselves as safe. Certain designated staff can mark other people as safe, too.

All responses are tracked in real time. Immediate, accurate information on who is accounted for as well – as who is not – is available to Safety Officers. Further broadcast updates can be sent and reports can be archived.

Set up process

  • Purchase Safety Check for your company. If you are an existing Names & Faces client, just let us know and we'll activate this feature for you. If you are not a Client, you can run Safety Check either as a standalone service or by setting up a directory.
  • Build your templates. Build and save templates in names & Faces. You might want to consider: Fire Alarm, Suspected Terrorist Incident, Hurricane, Evacuation, Office Closure and Test.
  • Confirm Safety Officers and Assistants. Nominate the people within your organisation that will be able to launch an alert (Safety Officers) and mark others as safe (Assistants). Both groups should be trained before being given access.
  • Announce Safety Check to your organization. Let everyone in your organisation know that you have adopted Safety Check, including what it’s for, when it might be used and what they need to do when an alert is launched.
  • Test and test again. Run tests and drills regularly to ensure your Safety Officers, Assistants and staff are clear on what is required of them in the event of a Safety Check.


"The fire drill went very well and the Names & Faces app was a huge part of that. By the time we got to Union Square the majority of our employees were already marked as safe. – Justin Simonin, Experience Partner at Reddit.

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