Security & Privacy

We subscribe to world class security standards and are SOC2 certified.

World class standards

We subscribe to world class security levels for each of the services we use to store client information. Independent third parties are regularly enrolled to carry out penetration tests on our systems which meet current European data regulation requirements and are GDPR ready (General Data Protection Regulation).

All data used by our system is stored and transferred within the EEA (European Economic Area) and specifically in Ireland and Frankfurt.

Our most recent audit, concluded in January 2020, was conducted by Deloitte and highlighted no concerns. We are happy for clients to commission their own audit of our Information Security Processes and Systems.

We are SOC2 certified.

Data Privacy

Establishing a strong foundation of trust with our clients is key to our success. Your data remains your data and we will never use it for anything other than the provision of the Names & Faces services. Read our privacy policy here.

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