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Journeys are more fun and more exciting when we’re on them with great people.

The challenge of growing a startup into something significant is no small feat and requires stellar people. Which is why finding the right individuals to join our team us is so important. Our mission is to unlock the humanity, helpfulness and possibility that exists between people that work together, and we're doing it by building the simplest, most intuitive employee directory ever developed.

We believe in the importance of connection and belonging. That everyone matters. And most of us really like coffee and four-legged animals.

None of us are perfect. If you are, we're probably not the right place for you. Instead we're wonderfully aware that each of us have different passions, quirks, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. And different things that make us tick.

What makes you tick? We're hiring for a number of specific Designer and Developer roles but are always interested to hear from great people. So, drop us a line.

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