Names & Faces on the Heavy Chef Show with Fred Roed

Marina Pape
September 7, 2020
Head of Marketing

Names & Faces founder & CEO, Paul Galatis, spoke to Fred Roed on the Heavy Chef Show about his personal and professional journey, what inspired our visual employee directory tool, and what it was like to be part of Y Combinator:

"The whole YC experience was pretty incredible. I'd recommend anyone who thinks that what they're building has potential to have global impact: apply. There are people who have applied many times and been rejected many times. There is absolutely no harm in applying.

You have talks from great founders; you have partners who have all been involved in or built fast-growing companies themselves; you have access to an incredible group who have done this time and time again.

The U.S. presents a huge market but we have the skills and the potential within South Africa to build and serve a global audience. What did YC see in Names & Faces? I think: something that solved a universal problem and could serve, impact, and hire people all around the world."