Introducing self-service directories

Names & Faces
July 28, 2020

Human relationships power organizations. 

While that may be a fairly non-controversial statement, our current, cumbersome tools and systems overlook the most important part of it: helping people easily know and build relationships with those in the group.

Read on for how Names & Faces helps and something new, coming soon.

Knowing people is hard

We all aim to be really good with our people - engaging, friendly, personable... but knowing who people are is hard. Why? Because names are hard, sure, but also because things are always changing! There are always new people, new teams, new roles, new initiatives.

If you’ve ever been part of a group with more people than you can easily remember, you will have experienced these constant changes and the awkward and limiting behavior that comes with the territory. But we can be better. We just need some help. 

The tools we have don't help us

Let’s be honest: people seek the path of least resistance. They don’t use tools when getting the information they want is more painful than the problem. This is the current reality for teams using directories that are built into HR systems or intranets.

The directory is an afterthought of these systems, buried deep in the user interface and hard to access. That inaccessibility creates enough friction that people would rather endure these awkward, impersonal interactions and tune out of the change taking place around them than deal with the tool.

Using a frustrating tool or knowing the people and change taking place around you shouldn’t be a choice. We’ve made a better way.

Why Names & Faces is different

Names & Faces is focused on doing one thing, really well: putting a simple, fast, instantly-accessible directory in the hands of every member of your team so you’ll know who’s who, how they fit in, and how to get in touch. The result is better relationships, a sense of belonging, easier connection to the people, help, and knowledge that exists in the group, and more social capital. 

So far, we’ve offered an enterprise-level service for clients requiring HRIS integrations and preferring to work closely with our implementation team for an assisted build.

Until now. 

Introducing self-service directories

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing our directory technology for self-service so you can bring the simplicity, speed, and clarity of a Names & Faces directory to all of the groups that matter to you. What you’ll need:

  1. Your people data in a Google Sheet, .CSV, or .XLS
  2. A list of emails for invites
  3. If you have photos, great! If you don’t, our photo collection tool works magic.

It’s exactly what you need at your fingertips. You click it and you get names and faces. So simple, so clever.” – Micheal Ashbourne, Lead Recruiter at Embark Trucks

To help you get started, we’re also making self-service directories free for up to 30 profiles. Build a directory for any group: businesses, alumni networks, events, professional and leadership groups, or a list of families in your kid’s class - the use cases are endless.

We’ll be sharing more soon.