Unique and useful fields for employee directories that drive connection

Marina Pape
September 7, 2020
Head of Marketing

We've written about the 10 most popular fields for employee directories – but you might be wondering about what other companies have tried adding beyond the basics.

Here are some unique fields to drive connection, inclusion, and collaboration in your organization.

1. Talk to me about / Superpower

Sometimes figuring out who to ask for help is tricky. You might know you need to find someone in your organization that is great at Hubspot, or Mixpanel, or VPNs - but how do you find the experts? Adding 'Talk to me about' as a directory field adds this information at a profile level and makes it possible to search by skill and see a list of people who have listed the particular skill in their profile.

2. When I'm not working

A slightly different take on the above is to include a field that encourages people to add something extra-curricular or lesser-known that might not relate directly to work but expresses something the person identifies with and might have in common with others.

For example:

  • Karaoke
  • Rock climbing
  • Making gin martinis
  • Sewing kid's clothes
  • Outdoor swimming
  • Sign painting

3. Languages spoken

I have personal experience of how useful this is. In 2018 when I worked at Automattic, I needed to find someone within our organization of 800+ that spoke Arabic... Fortunately, we had Slack integration that pulled data from our HR system and allowed you to search via Slack for this info.

This is possible with Names & Faces - simply include 'Languages spoken' in your people-data source.

4. Office Dogs

Our 'Reporting Lines' feature enables you to create an extra category listing for 'Office Dogs' and link these to the right individual within your organization so the dogs can be viewed individually but remain linked to their owners.

You can add Office Dogs to your Names & Faces directory.

5. How to greet me

Adding information at a profile level about how people would appreciate being greeted can be really useful – especially for teams that work remotely and only meet up a few times a year. For example:

  • Handshake
  • Hug
  • Fist bump
  • Friendly smile

6. Committees / Extra Responsibilities

If you have extra-curricular things going on in your organization, you can add this information at a profile level and indicate who is responsible for what so everyone is clear. This could also be applied to committees or even special projects:

  • Diversity
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Safety Officers
  • Meetup Organiser

7. Internal numbers

Extra category that pulls in useful numbers so People can view them:

  • Reception
  • Mail Room
  • Medical Aid

8. Charge out rate

In organizations that bill by the hour and have different charge out rates for different individuals and skillsets, it can be useful to add 'Charge out rate' as a directory field. One of our clients, Farer & Co., displays charge out rates at a profile level to enable people across the firm to build accurate cost estimates for clients.

And that's a wrap. If you'd like to build an employee directory for your organization to make it easier for your people to connect, get in touch.