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Always accurate

Sync your data or start from scratch

Names & Faces syncs with your HRIS system or a spreadsheet so your employee directory and org chart are always up to date and require no additional management.

Always available

Instant org charts

Let your team view and export 100% accurate org charts whenever they need to. No more Powerpoint. No more Visio. Learn more

Scenario planning
Customizable data
Export in multiple formats
Web and mobile

See your team in a whole new way

We've been recognizing faces for 200,000 years. Use those skills and get to know and contact your team faster than ever before.

Photo focused profiles
Get in touch at the tap of a button
Web and Mobile app (iOS & Android)
Fully customizable

Make it your own

Use your data to create categories and filters that make sense to you, so your people can easily get to know one another and find who they’re looking for.

Customize branding
Control displayed fields
Configure custom reporting lines

"Names & Faces helps senior leaders better know their teams, it helps new employees get to know their coworkers and it cultivates a greater sense of employee engagement across the team."

Leslie Quealy
VP of Global Human Resources at Bacharach

Multiple data sources

Contractors not in your HRIS system? No problem. Connect multiple sources of data to create a single directory and org chart for your team.

Daily HRIS Syncs keeps your data up to date
Connect additional spreadsheet data
Collect info and photos with our built-in tools
Keeping your data safe

World class security

Names & Faces is SOC 2 Certified and follows GDPR best practices. Our systems undergo regular audits and penetration tests to ensure we're meeting international security standards.

An org chart for HR

Save 1000's of hours of manually creating and updating org charts.

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A directory for leaders

Never be left guessing who someone is, what they look like or what they do.

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Empower everyone from the new joiner to the CEO