The org chart, reimagined.

Create, manage, and share your org charts effortlessly with Names & Faces.

Integrates directly with your HRIS, CSV or Google Sheet

Trusted by companies across the globe

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Automatic accuracy and immediate clarity.

Names & Faces is populated directly from your HR data and allows you to add layers of detail to create richer views of your organization.

Print, Export, & Share

Export to a variety of document types, share, and print immediately from within your chart.

Search & Filter Views

Search for something specific or use filters to isolate certain views of your company.

Collapse & Expand Levels

Alter chart views by manipulating org levels for the necessary details you need.

World Class Data Security

SOC 2 certified and GDPR compliant, with regular audited penetration tests and security reviews.

Add Open Positions

Insert placeholders to indicate unfilled, new, or future positions on your teams.

Dotted Line Reporting

Show additional managers for a more accurate view of your team structures.

Customize Display Fields

Select what data is displayed in your chart view - including names, titles, and location.

HRIS or CSV Integration

Sync your HRIS and see any team changes immediately reflected in your org chart, or use a CSV/Google sheet to manage your data.

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Save your HR team hours of manual work

With Names & Faces your HRIS is the ultimate source of truth. This direct integration with your HR data means any changes in your team, from new hires to promotions, are immediately reflected in your org chart.

Your team will never again have to spend hours updating, maintaining or building org charts.

Help your leaders plan for future growth

An HRIS can only display people who are in the system, but this leaves no room to plan.

With Names & Faces you can insert placeholders to indicate additional or open positions or change reporting lines.

Designed to be highly legible, these alternate charts can be saved, printed and cleanly exported in multiple formats.

Accessible visual reference across teams

Names & Faces brings your people-data to life with an org chart that’s always accessible whenever it’s needed.

Rich personal profiles offer remote teams a great way to find and reach out to the right person for help while giving everyone deeper context and understanding of the organization, insight into who’s who and how everyone fits in.

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Accurate & reliable all the time

With a direct HRIS integration your org chart is always accurate, offering teams across your organization access to reliable information to help them with better decision making and building stronger relationships.

Your org chart where it's needed most

Your Names & Faces org chart is designed to display beautifully on screen or in print. Share what you are working on digitally or export to a variety of document types including JPG, PNG or PDF for external use in board packs, pitches or presentations.

Unique design approach offers you clarity

In Names & Faces your data is always crisp, reporting lines are legible, and you have complete control over what you see.

Designed to surface data for quick reference, your org chart offers all team members across your company clarity and context at a moment's notice.

Names & Faces helps senior leaders better know their teams, it helps new employees get to know their coworkers and it cultivates a greater sense of employee engagement across the team. The service and attention from the N&F team is impressive. This is a great, modest investment that I highly recommend!
Leslie Quealy
VP of Global Human Resources at Bacharach

Get 25% off when you start a free trial in September

Get started now to only pay $13.50 per profile annually*

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*The 14-day free trial must be signed before midnight on the 09/30/2021 for the discount to take effect. This discount can only be applied to annual contracts. The 25% discount is per employee profile - down from the standard price of $18.00 per profile per year to $13.50. The free 14-day trial must convert into a paid subscription in order for the discount to be valid.