Automated org charts

Effortlessly create interactive org charts from your HR data in minutes, saving your HR team thousands of hours each year.

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Always up to date

No more manual updates. Our system syncs your HR data to make sure your org chart is always up to date and reflecting your org accurately.

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Customize easily

Edit reporting lines, add open positions and dotted lines for a more accurate view of your team structures.

Scenario planning

Create hypothetical variations of your org charts for planning and forecasting.

Rich profile information

Find important information that is always up to date and get in touch at the tap of a button

Browse and filter

Easily find profiles on your org chart with powerful browse and filtering features.

Collapse & Expand

Alter chart views by manipulating which org levels and details to display.

Print & share

Export org charts to a variety of document types, or share effortlessly with a link.

See your people like never before

Import reporting structure effortlessly

Connect your HRIS or Google Sheet/XLS data to automatically sync your employee data into Names & Faces. This live connection means the data is always up to date.

Org chart structure is created automatically.
Profiles are always up to date with daily syncs.
Easily update incorrect data

Configure with ease

Control the structure of your org charts by adding dotted line reports, adding open positions and editing who reports to who. Control which information to display on the chart.

Add dotted line reports and open positions
Edit who reports to who
Collapse and expand branches.

Find your data

Navigate your org chart with powerful browse and filtering tools. Find profile information in seconds to help understand who's who, where everyone fits in, and how to get in touch.

Photo focused profiles
Always accurate information
Browse and search org charts

Create different scenarios

Easily plan for the future by building out hypothetical changes to your organisation. Plan freely in a playground environment, move people around, add open positions and visualise what your team structure could look like over time.

Plan for the future
Create multiple scenarios
Control access to your scenarios

Share or export instantly

Easily share org charts and scenarios in multiple formats, customize the look and feel and add your branding.

Designed to be easily printed
Export as PNG, JPG & PDF