Create a company directory like no other

Names & Faces creates an always up-to-date company directory from your HR data to help your team get to who’s who, understand where everyone fits in, and how to get in touch.

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Available on Web, iOS & Android

A powerful company directory

Names & Faces integrates directly with your HRIS to create a fast, intuitive visual directory of everyone on your team.

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Detailed profiles

Names & Faces takes all of your HR data and displays it as detailed, individual profiles that are quick to access and easy to digest.

Browse and filter

Easily find people you are looking for with powerful browse and filtering features.

Easily get in touch

Contact a specific person or an entire group of people. Simply tap to call, send an email, or reach out through a third party integration.

Customize what to show

Select what data is displayed in your directory - including names, titles, and location.

Celebrate milestones

Names & Faces showcases and notifies your team about upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries or who’s recently joined the team.

Web & Mobile app

Available on web and as a mobile app, mean you always have access to the information, wherever you are.

See your people like never before

Import data and photos instantly

Connect your HRIS, Google Sheet or Excel data to automatically sync your employee data into Names & Faces. This live connection means the data is always up to date.

Import and match photos automatically
Include unlimited additional fields

Configure with ease

Control the look and privacy on Names & Faces by selecting which fields are browsable and displayed on profiles.

Control which fields are displayed
Control which fields are editable
Set your own branding and colors

Find your data

Navigate your team with powerful browse and filtering tools. Find profile information in seconds to help understand who's who, where everyone fits in, and how to get in touch.

Photo focused profiles.
Always accurate information.
Get in touch at the tap of a button.

Smart groups

See upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries or who’s recently joined the team with Smart Groups. These groups are always within easy reach and update automatically.

New joiners
Upcoming birthdays
Upcoming work anniversaries

Detailed profiles

We make it really easy to enrich each profile even further with additional information like skills and interests that you might have stored in secondary spreadsheets. Alternatively you can collect this data by using our built in survey tool.

Link secondary set of data through speadsheets.
Collect profile information through surveys.
Allow each user to edit their own profile.