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Real-time analytics
HRIS Integrations & CSV
Automatic photo matching
Custom branding
Comprehensive measures
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Does Names & Faces include a free trial?

We do. You are invited to take part in a free 14-day trial - with no credit card required. Our trial offers access to the full product with no restrictions.

What happens at the end of my trial period?

If you are happy with Names & Faces at the end of your trial, your org chart and directory can be transferred into a paid account without losing any data or settings.

If you want to take advantage of a promotional offer, just begin your trial in the offer window and the discount will be applied if you decide to initiate an annual contract at the end of your trial period.

I see that you charge based on “profiles”. What is a profile?

Every employee in Names & Faces is represented through a single profile. This contains information and a photo that is specific to each employee. This profile will display data in both the org chart view and the employee directory.

Our profiles draw data directly from your HR system / CSV file - you can customize what data is displayed, while also adding additional fields, and allowing for the uploading of a profile image.

Can I control who has access to Names & Faces in my company?

Yes you can. If you only want Names & Faces for your leaders or just your HR team, you can register only those users.

However, you will need to pay for the profile of each employee represented in the org chart and employee directory - even if they are not users of the product.

What if we just want the org chart or just the employee directory?

Unfortunately our org chart and employee directory are not separate tools. Names & Faces uses the same HR data housed in each employee's individual profiles in two different views - one for your org chart and one for your directory.

What is the difference between an HRIS integration and CSV/Google Sheets?

An HRIS refers to the HR system you use for your employee data and/or payroll - our integrations allows you to access this data and pull it through to your org chart and employee directory immediately. The integration allows for a constant sync - so any changes in your HR data is reflected in your Names & Faces org chart and employee directory instantly.

We never have direct access to this data - the connection is solely between your version of Names & Faces and your HRIS provider. You can also manage your data in Names & Faces through a CSV or Google Sheets. In this case any changes made to this data sheet will reflect in your org chart and employee directory.

We will work with you to structure this sheet to reflect reporting lines, and other data fields you would like included in your charts. HRIS systems we currently integrate with include:

  • ADP Workforce Now
  • ADP Totalsource
  • Paylocity
  • Paychex
  • Bamboo HR
  • Workday
  • UKG Pro

If you don’t see your HRIS solution here please reach out to us, we are constantly adding new integrations and are willing to work with our customers around this.

Can you help us get started?

Yes, we offer a full onboarding experience where we will help train your administrators on how the system works - how to troubleshoot common issues and generally set you up to get the most out of your org chart and employee directory. We will also help introduce your employees to Names & Faces while promoting photo collection through email campaigns. If you ever have any issues with our product we are always here to help. We will also stay in touch, to see how you are doing and keep you abreast of new features as we release them.

Are there any onboarding costs?

No. Our onboarding process is part of our pricing - you get the full onboarding experience just for joining Names & Faces.

Can we be invoiced rather than pay by credit card?

Yes. We can facilitate a number of payment options - so once you know Names & Faces is the right fit for your organization let our team know how you would like to process payment and we will help set that up for you.

What is your billing frequency?

We bill upfront for the year, unless you elect to only contract on a monthly basis, in which case you will be billed at the beginning of each calendar month for that month’s usage.

If you bill up front, what happens when I onboard/offboard an employee?

We understand your staff complement changes throughout the year so we are flexible for both new joiners and those moving on.

For a new employee we will prorate the costs based on the remainder of the contract term and we will invoice as this happens. For offboarders you will be credited for that employee profile.

I'm currently at X number of employees and plan to grow during the year, I'd rather not be invoiced constantly. Is there a way to come to a set number?

Yes. We are happy to work with you to come up with a pricing structure that reflects how you will grow in a given year.

Once that year is concluded we will prorate or invoice for any variances in that number that may occur.

Does every employee at my company need a profile?

Every employee you would like to see represented in your org chart and employee directory will need a profile in Names & Faces.