A directory and org chart like no other

Names & Faces is an always up-to-date company directory and org chart that helps your team get to know each other, understand where everyone fits in, and easily get in touch when they need to.

A one-click integration for ADP Workforce Now®

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Speed & simplicity

Names & Faces gives you instant access to who your people are and what they do.

Find the people you know and discover those you don't using our web and mobile apps which have been designed for speed, simplicity and focus above all else.

Flexible to suit your organization

Names & Faces is fully customizable. Upload your branding, define filterable categories to match your organization's structure and add unique fields to make search, exploration and discovery of your people intuitive, fast and frictionless.

Interactive Org Charts

Explore and navigate your organization with ease using live, interactive org charts.

Understand reporting lines and get quick insight into team structure while having access to rich individual profiles when you need them.

Photo collection

At the click of a button send invitations to your team to collect missing photos or improve existing ones.

Uploaded photos display across devices in high resolution and are auto-cropped for consistency.

Built using your existing data

Names & Faces is a visual indexing platform. It indexes information you already have.

When adopting Names & Faces you are not creating a new data set to manage. You are surfacing and transforming your existing ADP Workforce Now® data into an infinitely more accessible format for everyone on your team.

Building Names & Faces using your existing data keeps your index up to date, allows for automatic user access control and eliminates ongoing maintenance.

Enrich your data

Enrich your ADP Workforce Now® data by collecting additional information from users and displaying this alongside your ADP master data.

World-class security

Names & Faces follows SOC2 and GDPR best practices, with independent auditors carrying out regular penetration and security reviews on our systems.

Our access control technology ensures only the people you choose are able to access your Names & Faces index. Encryption at rest and in transit paired with our world-class data protection protocols ensure the safety and security of your information.

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