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Names & Faces is used by organizations of all kinds to create fast, visual indexes of their people.

Watch Jake demo the Names & Faces app

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Watch Jake demo the Names & Faces app

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Speed and simplicity

Names & Faces gives you instant access to who your people are and what they do. Find the people you know and discover those you don't in an instant using our web and mobile apps which have been designed for speed, simplicity and focus above all else.

Stop digging through complex systems to work out who’s who, where everyone fits in, who to reach out to for help and how to get in touch. Your people are, after all, the reason you're here.

Flexible to suit your organization

Names & Faces is fully customizable. Upload your branding, define filterable categories to match your organization's structure and add unique fields to make search, exploration and discovery of your people intuitive, fast and frictionless.

Built using your existing data

Names & Faces is a visual indexing platform. It indexes information you already have. This information might exist in a spreadsheet, a payroll system or in one of many HR systems.

By adopting Names & Faces you are not creating a new data set to manage. You are surfacing your existing people data in a format that makes it infinitely more useful to everyone on your team, from new joiners to the CEO.

Building Names & Faces using your existing data keeps your index up to date, allows for automatic user access control and eliminates ongoing maintainance.

World-class security

Names & Faces is SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR compliant and we have independent auditors carry out regular penetration tests and security reviews on our systems.

Our access control technology ensures only the people you choose are able to access your Names & Faces index. Encryption at rest and in transit paired with our world-class data protection protocols ensure the safety and security of your information.

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