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Communication is simpler with the right tools for Urban Waxx

Learn how Names & Faces is making communication processes easier within the Urban Waxx team


Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services

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HQ staff (fully-remote teams) Salon locations (in-person)


U.S. based 8 salon locations, in 2 states - Oregon and Washington

About Urban Waxx

Urban Waxx is a collection of premier waxing salons that curate a wonderful collection of skin and self-care ranges - with locations across Oregon and Washington states. Celebrating 14-years in business during 2021, Urban Waxx is a group of warm and friendly people who can attribute their success to their focus on creating an unparalleled guest experience while promoting a culture that is inclusive, caring, and tied to their community.

What’s changing

Culture is a huge part of what has made Urban Waxx successful - but bringing on new people during the COVID-19 pandemic was diluting the strong interpersonal relationships the company enjoyed. Urban Waxx’s team felt the onboarding process for new hires missed the face-to-face time they were accustomed to.

This also made the existing spreadsheet of all their people’s information (with phone numbers and emails) less effective when team members don’t know who’s who by sight - especially when working at a new location

What’s Needed

A resource that allows teams across all locations and states to get to know each other - as Urban Waxx allows their people to pick up shifts at any location. A dynamic and company-wide replacement for a bland and sometimes inaccessible spreadsheet directory, that would enable people to get in touch when needed without having to worry about potentially outdated contact details.

This directory can be hard to locate and the team wanted a dedicated mobile resource for their people to stay in touch while on the go.

How Names & Faces is helping

Names & Faces has successfully replaced a spreadsheet of people's information with web and mobile apps so that all Urban Waxx’s people have these details readily available for visiting new locations and staying in contact. Beyond this, Names & Faces has saved the team time by filtering their people by specific locations or by title (like Guest Experience Managers) making group emails easy and reliable - as all the data comes directly from Urban Waxx’s HRIS.

Using ADP as their source of truth means that the Urban Waxx team only has to update information once, and that data is immediately pushed to their directory and org chart. The inclusion of birthday and work anniversary fields in Names & Faces is a big win for the company - as these milestones are an important part of how Urban Waxx already celebrated their people, so now there’s never a worry that an important date might be missed.

Names & Faces personally works really, really well for me. The upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, and knowing that information comes straight from ADP, makes my job simpler. It’s very user friendly and just makes the communication process with team members so much easier.

Kaylynn Whitney, Marketing & Creative Director, Urban Waxx