A directory and org chart like no other

Names & Faces is an always up-to-date company directory and org chart that helps your team get to know each other, understand where everyone fits in, and easily get in touch when they need to.

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A fast and powerful employee directory

Names & Faces integrates directly with your HRIS to create a fast, intuitive visual directory of everyone on your team. With a live connection to your HRIS, it surfaces the information you already have and transforms it into a powerful tool for everyone in your organisation, from your newest joiner to your CEO.

In just 5 minutes, Names & Faces uses the information you keep in your HRIS to automatically create a directory based on the structure of your company. This process creates customizable categories and detailed, individual profiles that make it easy to see who people are, what they do and where they fit in.

See the structure of your organization, instantly

Gone are the days of painstakingly creating and updating your company’s org chart. Thanks to our direct integration, Names & Faces automatically generates an org chart that’s always up to date.

Explore the structure of your company, see clear reporting lines, or browse through specific departments. And when you need a version to print, email or include in a presentation, Names & Faces will instantly export a beautiful print-ready version.

Know your people better

You’ll never be left guessing who someone is, what they look like or what they do. Names & Faces takes all of this information and displays it as detailed, individual profiles that are quick to access and easy to digest.

Not sure what the new hire looks like or which Michael is from Finance? No problem. It’s all here and accessible within seconds. Plus, we make it really easy to enrich each profile even further with additional information like skills and interests.

Get in touch with anyone in seconds

Names & Faces is not another messaging platform, but it does simplify reaching out to people when you need to. Whether you’re contacting a specific person or an entire group of people, simply tap to call, send an email, or reach out through Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Celebrate key milestones within the team

See upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries or who’s recently joined the team with Smart Groups. These groups are always within easy reach and update automatically.

Easily collect, manage and improve your team’s photos

Knowing who your people are starts with knowing what they look like. While Names & Faces automatically imports any photos stored in your HRIS database, it can also help you collect missing photos, or improve the ones you already have.

Names & Faces can send invitations to your team to update their photos, or you can manage, edit or remove photos from the admin panel. All photos are displayed in high resolution and are automatically cropped to maximize recongizability of your team while delivering a visual consistency across your directory.

Enrich your directory with additional information

Be it skills, nicknames, preferred pronouns or even hobbies, Names & Faces lets you add anything to your directory that’s relevant to the structure and culture of your company.

This information is displayed alongside your HR data and can be added via a simple CSV import, or using the Names & Faces Data Collection tool which helps you collect this information from your team in just a few simple steps.

Your information is always kept safe and secure

Names & Faces follows SOC2 and GDPR best practices, with independent auditors carrying out regular penetration and security reviews on our systems.

Built to work with your HRIS

In under 5 minutes, Names & Faces integrates seamlessly with your HR Software. You get complete control over which information you choose to display and a one-way sync to Names & Faces ensures your HR data remains your source of truth.

When you update an employee’s information in your HR tool, you’ll see that update reflect instantly in Names & Faces. This means that your directory requires no ongoing maintenance. Simply manage your HR information as you would normally and Names & Faces will take care of the rest.

Works across all your devices

Names & Faces is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and via the web through any modern browser. Once securely logged in, you’ll be able to browse through your entire organization, even when you’re offline.

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